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Thandi's Trippy Trips has quite a few inspirations. One of them is experiential: the ability to walk into a library, go to the reference section and pick out an encyclopedia. You probably remember this experience. Who knew those day will have passed.

Well, this nostalgia sparked the design of Thandi's Trippy Trips: A children's travel story book, with brilliant illustrations, including on the cover and on the spine. The spine is in actual fact, a puzzle piece. Collect each book, construct each piece of the puzzle.

Each story concept takes about two weeks to research, outline and go through iterations. After the two weeks, the illustrator starts to work on illustrations, incorporating these into the layout of each page. Typically, a book can be created in a matter of a month, however, to manage quality in our small team, we set aside an extra 3 weeks for reviews and edits. We are, in a sense, producing a bi-monthly publication for readers to enjoy and look forward to.

On the upside for you, as well, is the fact that these books can be stored neatly and add a functional aesthetic to your space.

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